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The Warrior's Letter
Dear Ezekiel;
I understand that this letter comes to you under confusing circumstances, but I have to send it to you. You need to know who you are, and I think the only way for you to do that is to know who I am. Know why I am where I am, and what I did. I know your mother will never understand. I know that you currently don't, but, I think, if I tell you this, tell you exactly what happened, at least as I can see it, that maybe you'll realize who you really are.
Josephine and Jasmine, 12 and 8, respectively, living in a house to ones Mark and Sarah French. Joe and Jas were good kids, I think. It's a little hard for me to picture them the way there were before the … accident, but I'm pretty sure they were good kids. Nice kids. I'm sure these kids were the kind of kids that would try and give your their allowance if they happened to hear that you were having trouble paying your bills, or the kind of kids that would go outside and play hide and seek with the dog, running around and
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Mature content
SWM Looking for Female of Female Persuasion :icondudelrok:DudelRok 0 0
Tears for Tomorrow
My first thought each morning.
And last thought each night.
Mind caught in a windstorm,
Constantly mid-flight.
Half of me in anger,
With the other deep in sorrow,
When thinking about you,
I seek out tomorrow.
I crave quite a bit,
For your existence heals my soul,
But because I do care,
Your happiness is my goal.
Not, will I keep you.
Not even will I try.
Leave me if you will,
Regardless, I cry.
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I see others around me as they write firmly on paper the things that frighten them, and while I look at the people, and the paper before them, as they smile within a photograph, I think, “But I have so many, and I have expressed so much, that I'm not sure a single sentence will help.”  Because after all my fears, there is still only a single word to express it all.
My fears start: darkness, blindness, fire, isolation, loneliness. A world of incompetence; a place where I wake up one morning and am the only one capable of accomplishing anything at all. I fear the lights as they change from red to green. I fear the stripes that mark the street where I must cross, and I fear not walking on them. I fear the sun as it brings yet another day I must face. I fear the walk I must make each morning, and the walk home each night. I fear sunlight, moonlight, starlight and all light.
I fear getting closer to my best friend, because while I wish for more, I know such
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Long Distance Relationship
I enjoy the fact you're here;
As I stare, forty feet away.
And while you might not notice me;
I'll probably kidnap you one day.
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So It Shall Be Done
So it shall be done …
If you allow it, all will eventually vanish. Give it time, how much I am not sure, but if you permit the stars to move, and the planets to spin, I will find myself without a single thought as to who you are, or were. If distance is wished, so may it be granted. If space is wanted, so shall I keep away, but do not forget it is you who said this is what should be done. I shall miss you for a little while more, even though I know how you feel guilt for it, but it is not just my reality that is always changing, so, too, are my memories. I will forget, you will be gone, the guilt you feel shall leave, the love I cling to shall drift away, and that will be that.
That, will be that.
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Mature content
Love The Ferryman :icondudelrok:DudelRok 0 0
Sleep and Dreams
Some days we're awake for hours on end.
Sometimes we don't sleep at all.
Some days we dream while wide awake,
Sometimes we rest, other times we fall.
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Dreams Abound
I’ve decided on a world,
You might know of it.
It’s where our stories come alive!
The problem, you see,
Is that what we know of those tales,
....are lies!
Think a thought and it appear before you,
But be weary for it will happen in twisted ways unkind.
The shame of it all, is that it follows you.
...stuck forever with this idea latched behind.
So we take these two things,
Put them together just right,
And populate the world with nightmares abound!
While dreams may be real,
Fear is much stronger,
Such a shame for all those around.
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Mature content
They Like You Too :icondudelrok:DudelRok 3 5
Optimism Dudel by DudelRok Optimism Dudel :icondudelrok:DudelRok 0 1
Mature content
The Tale of Captain Red: Redux (Excerpt) :icondudelrok:DudelRok 0 0
Why We Have Goat for Tuesday Dinner
Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Franchesco The Not-So-Great who always dreamed of becoming the world's best failure. He trained every day for 42 hours in order to beat his rival, The Haphazard Menace. The day of the big competition arrived, and Franchesco The Not-So-Great came armed with a goat and his unstoppable determination. They were pitted against each other in a battle of wits, and Franchesco The Not-So-Great emerged as the inside out victor! His achievement is celebrated every Wednesday-eve.
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Apples and Oranges
My great-grandfather used to tell me, "Don't chase after apples because you'll only end up with a fish in your wisdom tooth." I never quite understood his advice until one April Fool's Day, I was gardening with my best friend Ashley. All of a sudden, we found an underground tunnel! It was orange and spooky sounds came from deep within. Ashley saw something interesting inside, jumped in, and I never saw her again. Great-granddaddy was right!
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A Conversation with My Brain
"I'm hungry."
"Then go eat!"
"Shut up you!"
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It's a Cat... God by DudelRok It's a Cat... God :icondudelrok:DudelRok 1 6





Dear Ezekiel;

I understand that this letter comes to you under confusing circumstances, but I have to send it to you. You need to know who you are, and I think the only way for you to do that is to know who I am. Know why I am where I am, and what I did. I know your mother will never understand. I know that you currently don't, but, I think, if I tell you this, tell you exactly what happened, at least as I can see it, that maybe you'll realize who you really are.

Josephine and Jasmine, 12 and 8, respectively, living in a house to ones Mark and Sarah French. Joe and Jas were good kids, I think. It's a little hard for me to picture them the way there were before the … accident, but I'm pretty sure they were good kids. Nice kids. I'm sure these kids were the kind of kids that would try and give your their allowance if they happened to hear that you were having trouble paying your bills, or the kind of kids that would go outside and play hide and seek with the dog, running around and screeching happily. They were probably those kinds of kids at some point, but they weren't when I got there. Once the oldest got sick, the younger was not far behind, and I wish I could say that I was not terrified of them, of children, but I was … I am. I have refused more jobs in the last year as a result of what happened.

These is something you must know before I continue with my story, demons and monsters are real. There are things that lurk in the darkness waiting for the right moment to eat your, to drain your life force from your body and collect your soul. All those stories you've heard when you were a kid, they exist to protect you. Children are not supposed to be targets, because they are supposed to believe. When a child doesn't believe, they … something bad happens to them. Children, you see, in this other world, or, as I have come to call it, “The Other Side,” children are powerful. Children have innocence, they have spirit, they have youth. These are things these monsters crave, but children also have something a lot of adults don't have, well, at least regarding these monsters, and that is fear. A child, especially, I hear, Jasmine, will have a healthy fear of the dark, or their closet. Not because they are afraid there is a monster in there, but because there actually is one, waiting patiently for them to mess up. Don't dangle your feet off the edge of the bed. Always keep a flashlight. Never, and I mean, NEVER, get out of the bed when all the lights are off. Rules that, to most of us as adults, seem childish, but they are rules that could have kept the French children alive. Unfortunately, especially for parents Mark and Sarah, I had to kill little Josephine and Jasmine, to save us all.

I suppose I should explain what it is that I do, as it is not killing children. My job, well, at least my duty, is to help people who have been troubled by the things on The Other Side. I'm still not exactly certain what took little Josephine's soul, but as Jasmine explained it, there was something in their closet with deep red eyes, long claws, and a deep voice almost like her father's but somehow terrifying. I believe it was this familiarity that ultimately lead to the children's demise. Sometime in the night on February 3rd of this year, that thing whispered in just a low enough tone to catch Joe and Jas' sleeping ears.

“Come to me, children,” Jas would report to me when I first started my investigation, “Daddy wants to play a game.” Jas would also tell me that she was too scared to move, but that her older sister Joe stood right up and walked to the closet, opening it up in a swift and large motion, then a black thing seemed to eat Joe, swallow her up in a single bite. I have no further information on what happened that night as Jas hid under her covers. I told her, at the time, that this was the best thing she could have done, else she too might be sick just like Joe.

Little Josephine was slowly approaching her 13th birthday when she abruptly came down with some form of weakening sickness. Nothing appeared to be wrong, at least not according to the medical records I stole, but little Joe was getting weaker and sicker by the day, for reasons not a single doctor or shrink could figure out. Josephine seemed fine, except that she was now dying … slowly … right next to her sleeping sister. Jasmine would tell me that she tried to tell her parents, Mark and Sarah, that something took Joe in the night. Jasmine would be very adamant that there was a creature hurting Joe somewhere else, and that the thing in front of them was an empty shell. I tried my best to investigate this further, and I did manage to find what I believe to be the portal that the creature used, but as I was too big I could not get though. I probably should not have tried recruiting Jasmine to save her sister, but I did not know what else to do. Jasmine would fit in the tiny door inside their closet. Jasmine could hear her sister yelling out from the other side where the rest of us could not. Jasmine had the upper hand. Jasmine could have saved her older sister … if only I had prepared her better, or lied like the rest of the adults in her life did. I could have told Jasmine that her older sister Josephine was going to be fine and she just needed rest to feel better. In a month or so, Jasmine would see, that her sister would be back up and running around with her again.

...but I do not like lying, let alone to children. Josephine was not coming back unless someone went to The Other Side, and got her.

As you know, both children are now gone from this world, but their apparent illness was only the start of things, because both Josephine and little Jasmine did abruptly appear to get better. Shortly after Jasmine also caught the weakness that had been affecting her older sister, the two girls were right as rain again. Except they weren't. The children were not running around and playing. They were not sleeping, but they were not tired. Josephine was not playing with her dolls or even petting the dog, and Jasmine, an 8 year old, was not even sure how to “play pretend” or what rules that “game” even had. Mark and Sarah, understandably, did not want to listen to me, because, honestly, who would? Their children might not be the same laughing run-around kids they were before, but, at least now, they were moving and doing something. Not sick. Not well in the sense most would think, but not sick. Not sick was apparently good enough for Mark and Sarah, and my insistence only managed to get me in jail for a few days. I knew from here that I would have to work on my own … and that meant getting inside a small hole meant for a child with my big head.

The problem with trying to get inside somewhere that is already inside somewhere, when you are no longer allowed on the property is that you have to break the law … so I did. One day while the children were at school and the parents at work, I picked a lock and headed to the girls room, quickly digging around the closet for the portal … but I couldn't find it anymore. The door was gone. Just … gone. Only things from The Other Side had that power, and they had to be the extra nasty kind, so I knew I had to stay and wait for the family now. I waited for hours, slowly sliding the charms on my bracelet from one side to the other. A holy symbol for every religion that had ever once been, still practiced or not. Dinner past. Darkness eventually fell. I waited. The children were put to bed by their parents, but they didn't sleep. Little Josephine and Jasmine sat upright in their beds the second the door was closed for the night then turned their heads to the closet … slowly. They called me a warrior of light, then demanded I come to them and play. My fears had been worse than I thought. I could not remain hidden any longer, I had to confront the monsters in this room. I told these things they were not welcome, that they needed to return the children to their parents. They told me the children were gone and that I just couldn't stop them. I needed to. I knew I needed to.

The sounds that followed were deafening. Howling of the undead. Their faces distorted, stretched … grayed. Mark and Sarah quickly ran into the room to protect their children. I have never seen fear strike so quickly or kill so fast. These poor people did not stand a chance. These children. This family. I had to do something and do it now, because I was only seeing the surface of the power that had taken these children.

Warrior. Warrior. They kept using this word. They saw me as some kind of fighter. Something to be fought and maybe even feared, even if a little, but they also taunted. These things demanded that I give up and leave. Things were thrown at me. My life was in danger, and people were already dead.

Without thinking I jumped at what was once the oldest child. Josephine was no longer here. This was something else. Something evil. Something that had just killed two innocent people! I had to find a symbol that this one feared, pressing them all against its face in a panic, but nothing happened. It laughed at me, the voice of the child replaced by a deep guttural growl.

Nothing happened. Nothing! Nothing ever not happened. These … things … they laughed as I tried, desperately to stop them but I had no power. I couldn't do what needed to be done. I didn't understand. Something was missing, or wrong.

My body was thrown across the room, and I have to say that my back is stilled messed up now two years later, but I also realized in that instant I would not be able to kill the creature. I could, however, destroy the vessels. I could obliterate the children. I could do something disgusting to save more, and slow whatever this was down. I didn't want to. I still wish I didn't have to. I wish to GOD I could have thought of anything other than this, but I scrambled up and ran to the kitchen, slamming doors behind me, having them shatter wood back at me as I did. The stove. I needed the stove.

I'm not sure exactly how I survived, or if the vessels of those things were truly destroyed, but I do know that they are allowing me to write you now. I'm allowed to leave my tiny glass room for a couple of hours a day. I lie a lot, but at least I get to see the sun. This is my punishment for killing an entire family. Tormenting them. Whatever the judge decided, and the jury agreed to. I know what happened, and I'm sending you this so that you can do your duty just as I had before me. Take my bracelet, but, I warn you, if you touch it, even once, as you are my son, you will be cursed. I hope, and I'm sorry already for what I have done to you, that you touched it anyway.

People must be saved.

I'm Sorry;
The Warrior's Letter
It might still need some editing, but i okay right now.

A man writes a letter to his son describing to him why he's being punished.

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I had not had one real date since I joined that stupid site! I had a few responses, but the only chick that even seemed to be serious about meeting was kinda freaking me out at the same time – Luvs2Bite666. Who the hell calls themselves, “Luvs2Bite?” I don't need to know your fetish just by looking at your name! And that “666” is really cool. Oh, super Satan girl over there! I think if I didn't find her attractive then ignoring her might have been easier. She was amazing looking, and, at first, I figured she might be a fishing account. That long black hair reaching down to the middle of her back, dark nail polish, lipstick and eyeliner to match, with skin like porcelain and green eyes able to pierce your soul. A real metal-heads wet dream, this girl. The real problem was that she had some kind of power over me, and I was scared, but not of that power, the power was almost reassuring, I was scared that I might like not having control. For example, she contacted me first.

Luvs2Bite666: hey sexy! saw ur profile, really liked what i saw.

Me: Not sure if bot.

Luvs2Bite666: don't be rude. im not a robot. :( do u want to turing test me? ;) i think u might like it.

Me: Um... sorry, just not used to... people, well, sending me messages first that weren't robots.

Luves2Bite666: oh, baby, people dont understand u. that's ur problem. i understand tho. guys like u are easier than the rest of them.

Me: Understand?

Luves2Bite666: yeah, baby, u just need a little lovin and ull stay forever, if u get me. ;)

Me: ???

Luves2Bite666: OMG! U R SOOOOOOOO CUTE! SEx, baby, I mean sex. have u ever had sex?


Luves2Bite666: sorry, baby, you were acting so innocent i wanted to make sure. I think ur lying to me, tho. seen your pics, babe, not many ladies tryin get in ur pants, sorry.

Me: Okay.

Luves2Bite666: awww, babe, dont be like that.

Luves2Bite666: Babe?

I kinda figured that would be the last time “Luves2Bite666” and me would talk, and I kind of assume she was actually a he pretending to not be while online, but I was either wrong, or stupid. Probably stupid. I'm going to go with stupid. I wish she had been a fishing bot.

Luves2Bite666: i didnt hurt ur feelings did i? i didn't mean u werent attractive. i meant that other women are bitchy.

Me: You did hurt my feelings ...a little... but you were right. I've never had sex before.

Luves2Bite666: I KNEW IT! BUT thats okay baby, ill take good care of you ;) when you want to meet up? i got all kinds of games we can play and all kinds of fun we can have.

Me: I have work the rest of the week and my friends are meeting up Saturday, but isn't this going super fast?

Luves2Bite666: sunday, then? ;) so excited to meet u and take ur innocence. getting wet just thinking about feelin ur virgin cock inside me. wanna see?

She sent me a photo, and I couldn't help myself. I knew as I was making the decision to meet her that I was probably going to be murdered,  and I wasn't technically wrong.  She said I could call her Darla, but that wasn't her real name either, just what her “coven” called her. We even exchanged phone numbers! Only problem was that things started getting more strange when “Darla” gave me a list of “Dos” and “Don'ts” if I really wanted to see her.

Darla: okay, baby, so i gota list of things i need you to follow if you want this. im not joking about this list, ok? u need be serious about these things or i am not giving you any of this. ok? no rules, no meet, no anything.

Me: Okay. What's the list, Darla?

Darla: #1 we have to meet after dark. u cant eat any garlic for at least a day before we meet. i mean it, babe, i will know. NO GARLIC!

Me: Okay, no garlic, meet after dark. Anything else?

Darla: are u religious?

Me: Not particularly.

Darla: do u wear a crucifix?

Me: No. That's funny. XD

Darla: these are not jokes, baby, i mean it when i say u cant wear a cross.

Me: Sorry, no, I do not wear a cross of any kind, or any other religious symbol. Darla, are you a vampire or something? Going to drink my blood?

Darla: okay, good. we need to meet somewhere public. no closed doors. if we hit it off we can come back to my place since i have everything we need. ;)

Me: Public place, then your place. I'm okay with that, I guess. Anything else?

Darla: u cant tell anyone we are meeting. i have to be ur dark little secret.

Me: I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. Are you trying to kidnap me?

Darla: maybe a little ;) but im serious about being a secret. ok?

Me: Okay, I will … keep you secret, but why?

Darla: if u follow all these rules, and we like each other, i might even keep u around for a long time. ud like that, right, baby? to have me, be with me? i like the idea of keeping u. ;)

Me: I would like that idea A LOT! But why do I have to keep you a secret?

Darla: making me blush, so cute. see you sunday night, baby. remember the rules and I think everything will go up my ally. oops, hehe. ur ally. or however u want to play. ;)

Me: Sounds great, but I still don't know why you have to be a secret.

I guess she would eventually answer my questions, but not with words. We decided to meet at this tiny cafe in a shit part of town called the “Ghoul Cafe.” Morbid name, but everything about this woman was a bit sideways. I remember walking up to the only place open on the entire street at 11 at night and it just-so-happening to be exactly where I was supposed to be. A tiny little hole in the side of a brick building with only three lights on, three out of seven. There were a few black wicker tables out front, and a barista that looked like he was literally floating around, almost like he didn't have any legs. The air got colder as I got closer, my breath even became visible, which was extra weird when I think I remember it being eighty degrees out, but I suppose it could have been only forty degrees. I don't remember having a sweater. There also wasn't any snow, or sun, or clouds, or stars. The only light was from this place, and after I had sat down, I couldn't even see the street anymore, or the sidewalk. I felt like I walked into some kind of alternate dimension where the guy that works there ignores you 'cause he's a giant prick.

To be honest, I am not sure how long I sat there and waited, not being served as the only customer to the only employee, as I watched out into nothingness hoping this wasn't some bad prank being pulled on me. My brain went off on a tangent at one point, getting mad at myself for falling for such an obvious trick. Why would any woman, let alone a woman like that, want to spend any time with me? I was so stupid! How idiotic of me. I go through, maybe, three, “I'm so stupids” before I saw someone slowly coming out of the black that surrounded me. It was her. She was real, and she smiled, and at me! The way she moved, there could not be more grace in a Broadway production of Swan Lake. Morticia Addams, herself, gliding along the ground as if she had no feet. Long black dress, clearly tied up at her shoulder, make up just like her photos. Though her eyes seemed more bright, a deeper green, hungry, like a predator. Her eyes terrified me.

This night was not possible! Darla sat down at my table, and smiled again. She didn't speak. Her mouth just made a polite smile, and she pulled out her phone. Rude! phone went off, and she gestured to it. Strange, it was her.

Darla: u look exactly like ur photos. u nervous to meet me? u seem nervous. am i not what you were looking for? my photos were all recent.

I started to talk in response, but she shook her head before I could finish my first syllable, then gestured to my phone again.

Me: Why are we not talking, Darla?

Darla: we cant exactly do anything here. this is a safe space for us to meet. neutral ground.

Me: I don't understand.

Darla: i know, baby, but if you still like me, and want to see how well we get along, we can leave here and go to my place like we agreed.

Me: You don't want to talk over coffee or something?

Darla: do you need to do that? would that make you feel better?

Me: Not really. I'm really confused. A little scared.

Darla: its okay baby, i will take care of you.

There is this tiny part of me that still doesn't understand exactly what happened next, even after she changed me, but as she reached out for me, I reached out for her. The two of us stood up and she guided me into the black surrounding the cafe. I felt happy and safe, but also full of dread. Who was Darla? What was I doing? What did I do? Who did I become? What am I? ...what was I before?

I do not believe we actually went anywhere... not anywhere real, at least. A nether space, I suppose. Somewhere not here, and not there either, but also a little bit nowhere. The darkness was still all around us, but there was this aura of warmth and chaos that resonated within Darla. I could feel it too, and it only got worse as she slowly untied the two loops on her shoulders that were holding her dress to her body. Some feelings and emotions are impossible to describe, but I think this one might be called “elation.” I was elated to see Darla like this, and, for the first time, I thought I could hear her speak, but not with my ears.

As Darla reached out and grabbed my hands, placing them on her breasts, I could hear a woman's voice in my head. She told me she loved me. She told me to stay with her forever. She told me I could be free of all the other bullshit of my life. Her skin was cold, as if she'd been sitting in front of a fan for hours on end, and that elation increased. Elation. I wish I had a different or better word, but I don't. Elation is a perfect word for what it was.

She undid my belt, and my pants fell as her one of her hands slowly wrapped around my dick. I've never shuddered like that ever again. She stepped into me, and as she did I could feel the wetness, the warmth of being inside a woman, and the chill of her body touching mine. I was a virgin, she knew I was a virgin, so I guess she wasn't expecting me to last very long... especially not after I felt the sharp pain on my neck, coupled with what I know now was saliva. Her teeth punctured my neck, she moaned, I shouted, I shrieked, I came. My body tensed, fingers tightening around her arm and waist, and I could feel fluids leaving me from both my neck and from between my legs.

I'm pretty sure I passed out after that, but when I woke up I found myself before a council of seven different people, and they were judging me. Apparently, I had been chosen, only slightly at random, to join them, to add “New Blood” to their “Coven.” If I really, and truly, liked Darla, she would also stay with me, and, so far, we are still together after 2,000 years. I love my Darla, and my Darla loves me. We've seen cities crumble, and countries become many, or few. We've seen the end of days, and the start of new ones. I thank her still, for what she gave to me, and I'm still scared of that power she seems to have over me. She makes me weak, but she also made me strong.
SWM Looking for Female of Female Persuasion
"Luvs2Bite" has been written "incorrectly" on purpose, to try and give a better inclination of the character differences. Let us see how well that plays.

I actually submitted this to an online compilation, and I'm hoping I get picked as one of the people for the final product by the editors.


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Dudel does what Dudel does.

What does that mean? It means I do as I please and don't worry about much of anything else.
The internet has not really been high on my priority list of things to deal with, especially with not wanting to be home on a general level, but you all know how that is. Put a lot of emphasis online and then accidentally a social life and things get pushed aside.

Currently one school year down (sans a summer term I'm debating I even want to deal with right now), and in charge of a club on campus ... accidentally. I do a lot of things on accident, like get to know people and hang out places. I don't know. Certain aspects are still difficult to deal with, but a lot of others are becoming easier to not only have but express. Not looking forward to the day my inner filter finally goes away 'cause the close calls I've had recently were sorta bad ... well, no, nothing bad happened but the expression of internal thoughts without much, well, thought, is sorta bad in and of itself.

I'm not sure who's still about on dA. What of y'all are going about doing your own thing or curious to where I went (especially those who know me from places like RPGuild or Backloggery as I've not been around either very much the last 6 months/year) but I basically woke up from a sleep I wasn't aware I was sleeping and refuse to go back to bed. It might have felt like a pretty nice dream while I was having it, but I realize it was a bit of a nightmare. A part of me always knew, be why a lot of my writing has to do with being trapped or locked somewhere, but now I really know. I like the world outside, and would like to stay there.
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