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First thing I want to get out of the way is: Phishing isn't hacking. Phishing is a lack of internet safety by the person who's been targeted. Some simple ways to avoid phishing scams are installing NoScript to identify scripts running and learn to identify malicious or suspicious URLs.

All dA URLs look like this, and most competent browsers will show you the exact link you are going to in either the bottom left or bottom right of the browser window. If you hover over the above link, it should show a redirect from deviantArt to "" Speaking of redirects: dA directly warns you NOT to follow links you don't know. The staff of dA has included a fail-safe to prevent people who, perhaps, don't know some of the horrible things online by halting any link that exits dA with an explicit warning that you are leaving dA. If you are not using a competent browser, then start using one. Internet Explorer is BAD. If you are using it, stop. Use Firefox or Chrome for Windows systems. Mac users should be fine as is. (And Linux users know better.)

Now, if you do somehow lose access to your account, the very first thing you are going to want to do is a password recovery. Of course, in order to do this you will need access to the email account you signed up to dA with. If you don't have access to that email, why didn't you change your email in dA's settings some time ago?

Change Email by DudelRok

Change Email 2 by DudelRok

In some cases, people who use phising scams target your email (and not your dA account) and reset your password for you. In that instance, I'm going to ask you: "Why does this person have your email?" Be careful who you give your information out to and where you display this information. Moving along if you do find your email "hacked" you'll reset the password for your email account by, amusingly enough, having a second email or form of outside verification (like by cell phone text). You do the same thing you would with dA, resetting your password by claiming it as "Forgotten." And, then, you will have to reset your dA password.

Forgot password by DudelRok

So, to give a quick recap, what is the very first thing we will try when our accounts are "hacked?" Reset the password ourselves!

If for any reason you did not do any of the above, and you can not (for whatever foreseeable reason) reset your password, you may contact dA directly via email about the lose of your account. Seen Here As: FAQ #660.

Direct Copy Paste

My deviantART account has been hacked. What can I do?
Please email immediately for assistance.

Please note: If you have lost access to your account, there is no need to create a new account in order to contact the Help Desk. Please email and staff will assist you as quickly as possible. Since deviantART does not delete accounts, any 'extra' accounts created to contact the Help Desk cannot be deleted after the fact.

Now a report has to be clear and properly structured in your native language with correct spelling, grammar and manners. I can not emphasizes manners enough! If you want someone's help, you don't start off by screaming at them for not doing their job. Yes, having your account taken from you is annoying, but these people are here to HELP, and they are far less willing to do so if you are insulting. Be clear and concise with your report. Show specific examples as to who you are, use whatever you think is relevant. DeviantArt staff have the ability to check certain things, and with some individuals it is quite clear when a different person is behind the wheel of an account. Now, after we've sent our report, WE WAIT. A staff member will get to that report as quickly as possible, and any information they need from you will be asked for. These questions are to make sure you are not a Liar McCheaty Pants trying to steal someone's account, because dA does not watch everyone's account 24/7, or at all, really, as the community is expected to self-regulate.

The best way to solve all this, though, is by not making yourself a target. People who rage, flame and start all kinds of noise are those that find themselves at the wrong side of an attack because it is these reactions that most "hackers" relish in. They want you to squirm and cry, to flip tables. It gets them off. So the very best protection against "hackers?" Don't be an asshole.
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This needs to be featured.
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With that "hacker" around, everyone should read this.
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