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The internet has not really been high on my priority list of things to deal with, especially with not wanting to be home on a general level, but you all know how that is. Put a lot of emphasis online and then accidentally a social life and things get pushed aside.

Currently one school year down (sans a summer term I'm debating I even want to deal with right now), and in charge of a club on campus ... accidentally. I do a lot of things on accident, like get to know people and hang out places. I don't know. Certain aspects are still difficult to deal with, but a lot of others are becoming easier to not only have but express. Not looking forward to the day my inner filter finally goes away 'cause the close calls I've had recently were sorta bad ... well, no, nothing bad happened but the expression of internal thoughts without much, well, thought, is sorta bad in and of itself.

I'm not sure who's still about on dA. What of y'all are going about doing your own thing or curious to where I went (especially those who know me from places like RPGuild or Backloggery as I've not been around either very much the last 6 months/year) but I basically woke up from a sleep I wasn't aware I was sleeping and refuse to go back to bed. It might have felt like a pretty nice dream while I was having it, but I realize it was a bit of a nightmare. A part of me always knew, be why a lot of my writing has to do with being trapped or locked somewhere, but now I really know. I like the world outside, and would like to stay there.
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I ... I am in a state. Dudel (sometimes with a Rok) is an entity I have created in order to help handle certain aspects of self that would be otherwise difficult to, well, handle. By itself, this was fine. The problem, though, is that "Dudel" is largely an online concept without a real face, yet it's the version of self most easily identified with ... and I am now actually "out in the real world"  taking this creation of "me" into it as a way to better deal with things than previously able.

...the bottom line of things is my "online self" and my more "real self" are quickly becoming a more single realized thing, and this is causing me to make some choices on how and what I wanna do. I suppose I shouldn't change my behavior because I suddenly have to actually slap people for being stupid, but there comes a point where questions arise and they are questions I do not want to deal with.

I realize I'm not making much sense, and the fact I'm dancing around something clearly undisclosed brings my motives into question, but there are just certain aspects or things certain people are unaware of, and I prefer it this way. ...but that might not be possible if I want to accumulate all of "Me" into a whole piece, which I really need to do in order to keep my bloody brain stable, so I'm stuck wondering if it's "Go for broke" time or if it's time to pull away ... but I don't want to pull away, and I hate myself for doing that the first time, so my choice becomes obvious, except the way to do this is very difficult and requires a string of awkward transitions.

So... yeah.

I'm so paranoid.
So very paranoid.
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First thing I want to get out of the way is: Phishing isn't hacking. Phishing is a lack of internet safety by the person who's been targeted. Some simple ways to avoid phishing scams are installing NoScript to identify scripts running and learn to identify malicious or suspicious URLs.

All dA URLs look like this, and most competent browsers will show you the exact link you are going to in either the bottom left or bottom right of the browser window. If you hover over the above link, it should show a redirect from deviantArt to "" Speaking of redirects: dA directly warns you NOT to follow links you don't know. The staff of dA has included a fail-safe to prevent people who, perhaps, don't know some of the horrible things online by halting any link that exits dA with an explicit warning that you are leaving dA. If you are not using a competent browser, then start using one. Internet Explorer is BAD. If you are using it, stop. Use Firefox or Chrome for Windows systems. Mac users should be fine as is. (And Linux users know better.)

Now, if you do somehow lose access to your account, the very first thing you are going to want to do is a password recovery. Of course, in order to do this you will need access to the email account you signed up to dA with. If you don't have access to that email, why didn't you change your email in dA's settings some time ago?

Change Email by DudelRok

Change Email 2 by DudelRok

In some cases, people who use phising scams target your email (and not your dA account) and reset your password for you. In that instance, I'm going to ask you: "Why does this person have your email?" Be careful who you give your information out to and where you display this information. Moving along if you do find your email "hacked" you'll reset the password for your email account by, amusingly enough, having a second email or form of outside verification (like by cell phone text). You do the same thing you would with dA, resetting your password by claiming it as "Forgotten." And, then, you will have to reset your dA password.

Forgot password by DudelRok

So, to give a quick recap, what is the very first thing we will try when our accounts are "hacked?" Reset the password ourselves!

If for any reason you did not do any of the above, and you can not (for whatever foreseeable reason) reset your password, you may contact dA directly via email about the lose of your account. Seen Here As: FAQ #660.

Direct Copy Paste

My deviantART account has been hacked. What can I do?
Please email immediately for assistance.

Please note: If you have lost access to your account, there is no need to create a new account in order to contact the Help Desk. Please email and staff will assist you as quickly as possible. Since deviantART does not delete accounts, any 'extra' accounts created to contact the Help Desk cannot be deleted after the fact.

Now a report has to be clear and properly structured in your native language with correct spelling, grammar and manners. I can not emphasizes manners enough! If you want someone's help, you don't start off by screaming at them for not doing their job. Yes, having your account taken from you is annoying, but these people are here to HELP, and they are far less willing to do so if you are insulting. Be clear and concise with your report. Show specific examples as to who you are, use whatever you think is relevant. DeviantArt staff have the ability to check certain things, and with some individuals it is quite clear when a different person is behind the wheel of an account. Now, after we've sent our report, WE WAIT. A staff member will get to that report as quickly as possible, and any information they need from you will be asked for. These questions are to make sure you are not a Liar McCheaty Pants trying to steal someone's account, because dA does not watch everyone's account 24/7, or at all, really, as the community is expected to self-regulate.

The best way to solve all this, though, is by not making yourself a target. People who rage, flame and start all kinds of noise are those that find themselves at the wrong side of an attack because it is these reactions that most "hackers" relish in. They want you to squirm and cry, to flip tables. It gets them off. So the very best protection against "hackers?" Don't be an asshole.
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Kind of an "Oh yeah" moment, but I finished that first semester of supposed "upper education." Grades were posted today, so I figured I'd share my thoughts. Firstly: If Summer with 4 classes is supposed to be some huge big deal and fast paced, I am DREADING the slow, tedious, hell that will be fall. Can you believe that the supposed "mini-mesters" were not fast enough for me? Cramming an entire class into 6 Weeks was, for me, too slow. :XD:

I'd like to now take a moment and send a few shout outs to my classmates and teachers.

Random-chick-who-was-in-both-my-Bio-and-Math-class: "No, I'm not paying attention to you, no I don't care what you are doing, and no, I'm not even ware of your name. I'm also not a genius, you are just dumb. Fuck off me, for real."

Bio Teacher: "Looking forward to flirting with you in the spring term. You never told me to stop, so I didn't."

Math Teacher: "Don't belong here my ass! I didn't open my book ONCE, payed minimal attention to what you had to say and passed with, what was it again? Oh yeah, an A."

Com Teacher: "Good job, man. Good job. I approve of your methods, mostly. I wanted to sign up for your Com II class but all the spots were in the early morning. Yeah, no... and I'm not waiting. I want the English and Humanities out of the bloody way as quickly as possible."

Spanish Teacher: "We're cool."

Dude's-that-decided-to-circle-around-me-and-make-me-their-Bro: "We're cool. It's all good. That one guy probably shoulda cheated, though. It wasn't like I was hiding my test or cared. He's gonna have to take that shit a second time. Sucks to be him!"

Underage Girls: "Pin your age on your forehead somewhere! I don't need the threat of jail time just for talking with you. One chick in my Spanish I class was 15, looked 28... and I was not the only person fooled. Now that I'm 25, I really have to pay attention to that crap, and is not fun."

I hope that the long painful stretch that is fall will AT LEAST be more difficult. I mean... bleh. It's supposed to be new material for me for the fall, so let us hope.

Also: I am no longer a WOTM Contest Manager. Thank God!
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...I think.

Honestly? I am not sure. I believe I did well enough to pass, but it might be by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. By the way the class was set up, one bad grade could really eat you up. I really should not have tried and contest with the professor, as he was quick to call me on my shit. Good fun, though. Good fun. It isn't often that someone has such strong moral/ethical lines that they plop my ass down with a bad grade; in fact, I earned my first legit bad grade from my Com 1 professor. ("Legit" meaning I did not receive a 0 for non-complete, but got a honest "Bad job, try again.") I still remember the shock I felt at seeing that D. I thought the guy would push it to a C as most teachers tend to. Quit glad he didn't give me that free C, too, as then I probably wouldn't have created such a nice research paper for my final grade. Well, I think it's nice, but I'm going to think it's nice as I think everything I do is nice. I'm awesome! It's a rule.

So Com 1 is done, and now I have Spanish and Math coming up next week. I'm quitting WOTM as I'm kind of sick of RPGuild as a whole, let alone managing the entire process myself, and if things go according to plan, I'll be able to post up my Com 1 assignments within the week. (No promises to anyone paying attention. I'm keeping it as speculation, for now.) I wanted the professor's approval on that as I 1) am not sure of the rules when it comes to such things and 2) want to include the comments I received with my own thoughts after. They will be constructive thoughts about myself and my writing, not about the comments I received. I'm not that much of a dick. (Well, maybe I am, but the intent and purpose of this project is to get a little more out of the short semester that I might have otherwise missed.)

Also: Who's the jackass who made all the spell-checks in the world? "Otherwise'd" is totally a word! I am going to point you at slang, and common usage, and other stuff that only makes sense to me, apparently.


Oh, wait, I'm done.
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Come the 14th of May I will officially be attending an upper-education school ala my local community college. Still have no idea where the fuck I'm going with this but, eh, whatever. I'm not doing much else so it's not like I'll be putting my life on hold. Actually, this is more like starting it... or starting it again... the semantics of that annoy me.

Anyway... I'm thinking I'll poke at both Biology and Chemistry the first couple of semesters. (Bio first because, whatever.) Then take those and run somewhere in the direction of Computer Science.

I rather like the amusing concept of getting a degree in Mad Science. Get my brain and hands into Bio-mechanical Engineering. (Or Biomedical for you fancy-pancy types.) Make human-machine hybrids and take over the world!

That just sounds... really cool to me. Always has, really. Just, never in a uh.. practical manner. It's always been rather "lulz dat'll be fun."

Was talking with a friend that if I could just find a way to add dinosaurs into the mix I'd be living out at least 2 of my childhood fantasy jobs.

"Gentlemen, BEHOLD!"

"Eh, I don't get it."

"I put a raptor's head on this man's body, and then mechanized him from head to toe!"

"That doesn't seem very practical."


And the screams were so glorious.

...what was I saying?

Something about being a Mad Doctor?

The reality of the situation is I'd be off by myself, doing mindless and repetitive tasks in an effort to further a big company's market value. Just like I was in the past, except NOW with a fancy piece of paper that says I can work with hazardous materials! But I'm told this is "progress," or whatever.  Yup, I'm making "progress."

Progress to what? Fuck if I know!
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...I has none.

Well I has very little direction.

I mean, sure, "We all have times where we don't know what we're doing or where we're going" blah blah, yadda, yadda, but... I'm basically "lost in the forest maze of life." Have no idea where to go... and I'm not even that far in.

I think I took only one or two turns, double backed and I'm near the entrance, but not close enough that I can exit. Or, maybe (and far more accurate), is that I did double back to the entrance but said entrance is only one way. So I'm here, but I really didn't ever leave. I took 4 left turns and found myself right back.

That's... discouraging...

But, then again, sometimes you meet people and they make things better. Or sometimes you already knew someone, but didn't know them to a certain degree, or upon a certain emotional level, and they make things better once you get closer. That happens sometimes, I hear. It's nice to have someone I know who's like that. I actually thought such people didn't exist. o.O

Anyway, that's made me stop camping here at the maze entrance and decide to try things again. Of course I still have no idea where I'm going, and I'm taking very slow steps so that I can see the things behind me, but I'm no longer hanging out in the same place.

Not sure what's at the end of the maze, and I hear it's got so many exits that I'm likely to never find the exit I have in mind... but, whatever, and such.

Better than getting older and going nowhere. Well, I probably still wont go very far (if anywhere) but at least I'm trying... or something?

So I got my wheels fixed, re-registered aand I'm job hunting. Also poked at the community college for whatever that's worth (which is very little since I'm still mulling over the point a little). Did I mention that it's been 4 years? It's been four years since I bothered with those things. steps.
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Firstly, by "done" I don't mean "OMG 50k!" I mean "Well I've had my full of it for this year, off to do something else" The story, itself, isn't bad, and I fairly like it so far, but I'm just not in the mood to write that much nonsense anymore. I'm always pro nonsense but I believe between actually RPing and NaNo that I've strung myself a little thing.

Fell behind a few times, caught up, now behind again. It won't be difficult to bring myself back up to where I need to be but I just... can not be arsed to bother. Think I'll chip at this over the year rather than hide the thing (like what happened to Doppelganger or otherwise titled).

That and Minecraft totally has me by the balls. It's so horribly addicting, and actually gives a sense of satisfaction and success when a goal is reached. Running at an idea half assed only to fix it later works. Starting a project then halting midway to do another also works.

And playing on a server with friends makes up for the otherwise ho-hum experience of "How big a deal is this if I'm the only one who can experience it?" Only a few folks on the server (five or so) but it's all good.

Back to NaNo, yeah, I'm done with it for the year. Don't care about it, probably my last year to even participate. But I do not ever say never as never means never almost never. I just, don't like the concept... but there are good things about it. We shall see, but it is highly unlikely I will bother with NaNo for much more.

Other than that, how have the rest of you been doing? Good? Bad? So-so?
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Edit: For the curious (and for those who may follow my journals but not my submissions) I have posted up a recent excerpt of my NaNoWriMo. I find it interesting. It makes me chuckle.

The Tale of Captain Red: Redux -Episode 11-

Current Count: 19k (and counting) as of November 12th, with several hours in the day to go.

Original: While today has been dubbed a big "Meh, don't care." I have finished several Episodes all containing several scenes, all containing several paragraphs, all containing several sentences. Liking how things are going, only had two things that made me stop, but I fixed them with the right kind of nonsense!

Incorporated a little "the modern age is a plague of the mind that will drive you inside" as well as O Death. It's been an interesting run through, but lets roll down what's happened so far!

Story Opens
Captain Red and her Second in Command have a conversation about Jack who almost gets eaten by a plant in the process. (Grato saved him.) Then, after the planet sequence and much horrible English, Captain Red told her crew of the goal the book had. That being, looking for "Justice and Divine" the weapon of ages blah blah blah, not the point.

Story Moves On
Introduce Captain White-Beard Two-Pegs and his sparkling ship of red and gold, as well as Sticks (second in command). They have some interactions. White-Beard breaks a teacup in his head out of frustration. Get a little background into why White-Beard is after Captain Red, less on why his crew tolerates the obsession.

Story Moves On More
Introduce The Other (The Stories God and ultimate power) and his two children, Sylvia (the devoted daughter) and Sebastian (the rebellious son). We do this by having The Other torment and brutalize Sylvia because she heard a song. Sebastian laughs.

Story Moves On More and More
Something about a giant hurricane,  White-Beard "finds" Captain Red (he wasn't that far behind, screw you and "logic".") Imply incest between Sylvia and her brother Sebastian, but not before Sylvia is picked on by a small child. Both ships get damaged, there is much rejoicing.... or something.

A Bit More
Ginger Bread Island (an island of nothing but cinnamon trees run by a guy named Cinnamon). Cinnamon REALLY liked Grato. Sylvia sings that song from up above, burns island to a crisp. Main characters escape, Cinnamon and unnamed crew members do not.

And So On...
White-Beard Two-Pegs gets his ship fixed by marooning some pregnant mothers. (Don't be offended. The story is a form of Absurdism so bite me.) Then finds Cinnamon island all burnt... only to have Sebastian come over and curse his crew (for only a little while) with a sever case of the crazies.

Suddenly everyone on The Shining Star (White-Beard's ship) gets better and now everyone is heading for Dominica!

Awesome right? Makes perfect sense, and you love it!
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Good start to this month of November, for me! And for quite a lot of my buddies who wrote up to three and five thousand words their first day! Good job, you guys! I got 2.4K today, or 1.9 if you don't count the 500 words I wrote over the last week.

I started much later today than I intended originally, mostly because I just wasn't feeling it the way I wanted to feel it. But at about noon (11 am earliest 1pm latest) I got to work! I kept back-and-forthing, between NaNoWriMo and other stuff. Listening to Slacker Radio play Dubstep/Breaks/DnB Radio (Still playing, actually) and over the course of, say, three hours I got it done.

First "Episode" of The Tale of Captain Red: Redux is now finished! I am most pleased with my success in not only the amount of words (though largely don't care about that) but the awesomeness of my Season One - Episode One.

It's fantastic!

Axe'n'Face Jack got eated by a plant! Well, almost eated. He's fine, now. WELL, as fine as "Axe'n'Face JacK' can be.

Basically I introduced all the characters on The Johnny Blue (main protagonist ship) via action and amusing dialog (amusing to me, at least). Then after a bit of that, Captain Red told her crew about the journey they'd soon be taking.

Episode Two will be introducing White-Beard Two-Pegs (AKA: Francois) and his crew of one. I either have to add another crew member or really play up White-Beard Two-Pegs closet homosexuality. I mean, for giggles is one thing... but eventually that just gets offending. BS-ing a crew is easy, just have random "NPCs" respond to Franky orders. But my stories are no fun without characters! D:

Anyway! Share with me your success and your story so far. If you ain't my writing buddy on NaNo, yet, please add me: Dudel @ NaNo
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Two days and already my first update? Crazy, I know, and it's not even November yet. (Though I did say I was rebelling.)

As stated in that past journal entry I'm doing this years NaNo (and the story in general) in an episodic kind of fashion. Because of this I have decided to write a "Season One Opener" that will help me, now, get much easier into how things will continue er... start. The story will ultimately be in at least three seasons should my initial goals for said story actually get met.

Anyway, Season One's intro comes with something I'm fairly proud of. A piraty-Mc-Pirate Poem!

I've even submitted it to dA as an independent piece (because it kind of is) with a little background on terms used within the poem. Though I can't explain too much as then I feel like I'm ruining everything for all the clever people like myself.

The poem is either one of those things "All pirates sing" and most assume it's nothing but silly fun or it's sung by Mystics and Tribe Leaders of nomadic people. I'm kind of back-and-forthing on that bit.

In case you missed it, I did post up said poem.

The Traveler's Tale

And: My first season intro is only about 300 words long so it's not like I broke NaNo to any big thing. Not even 1/2 K.
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Edit: Two days to go! Hope you guys are ready. Got the first NaNoWriMo email, which broke down the month to come. Sure y'all got that as well and we are now able to add writing buddies again! (A key feature for me.)

On-Site Functionality Activated
Buddy List (Add Me)
NaNo Mail
"My Forum Comments"

Previous Entry

November is coming up and, as some of you may know, that means NaNoWriMo!  NaNoWriMo is that whole "Write 50k words in 30 days" thing everyone is/n't talking about and while I don't particularly like what NaNo stands for on many levels, it's a damn good time killer.

Outside of NaNoWriMo's goal's and rules, I'm going to set forth myself something special in order to make NaNo a bit more valuable. They shall be called, "Dudel's Friendly Guidelines to Making Shit Make Sense." I am also going to list concepts, a basic story arch and simple character break downs at a later date, in order to keep myself organized as well as keep me NaNo focused while similarly avoiding burnout and doing something slightly different.

That means updates (in theory) and amusing anecdotes all the way through this November.

The Guidelines

  • Maintain Source Material - This year's NaNo will be a reworking of a short story that didn't exactly work as intended. The general concept behind that story, as well as it's characters, will remain intact but it's story arch, it's story structure and plot have been altered.
  • Gut Last Year's NaNo - While this has mostly been done already, last year's NaNo project is being ripped apart for interesting concepts, characters and settings. Everything else has been scrapped in favor of something not bad.
  • Write Story Episodically - Each time I sit down at the PC the intention is to write a short story, of sorts, like that of an Anime with a beginning a middle and an end. This makes for ease on my part, easily arrangeable chapters. (Similar to Novella)
  • Rotate Characters - The story will focus on several different characters (though the primary shall be it's main focus) so each will be given the time to be explored. This allows personal diversity to prevent from getting bored. Any character who becomes boring, or more fun, can easily be given less or more attention respectively.
  • Use deviantART - While my watchers are few and far between, and no one reads journals even unless it's about something they can debate or bargain for, there shall be consistent journal updates. From word count to interesting events to quips, etc. Anything that feels share worthy and/or interesting.
  • Use LitLift - is a "Free Online Novel Organizing Tool" and I shall use it.
  • Rebel - Because, you know, screw NaNo's actual rules.

Novel Name: The Tale of Captain Red: Redux
Original Concept: The Tale of Captain Red

See Also
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Some of you may or may not be aware that I was slightly missing over the past couple months. Well I did keep slightly up-to-date on dA mostly because if I had not then I'd be buried, right now, in a tone of deviations from the artists/writers/etc I watch.

Anyway, my computer crashed pretty harshly a couple months ago and today is the end of the first day of getting my new Compy. I would blow up the other as if I was Strongbad (dated reference) but it's been gutted like a fish and fused into New Compy as a way of creating a bionic-combination-monstrosity.

Not just Frankeputer, no.

Gentlemen... BEHOLD! CORN! Er... (Psst, what's a humorous one-line-joke for computer? No, I can't say computer, that's been done before. Mah, screw it, I'll just drop the ATHF joke, anyway,. No one is gonna get it. No YOU'RE fired. Amateur.)

So computer is back, bad jokes are abound, and this was day #1 of Operation New PC Black Government Rising Bay of Flying Sea Urchins. Still working on the name.

Actual News: I don't have any, really. Trips I wanna go on gotta wait, which is cool... I understand and am never in a hurry. Good thing is, now, that the PC is fixed talking with folks I've never met in person can continue. My life, it's a very complete one... can't you tell?

Stupid News: Something about fish that I forgot. It was amusing, I swear... at least to me.

Solve Unamusement: It's dead, get over it. I don't do that anymore and WELL, there is something... maybe. I give you:


And, Oh My God... could dA just PICK a FREAKING code and STICK with it. HTML is accepted on every site except, what, deviant freaking ART? It's retarded. You are all retarded.

Working on getting RPGuild nonsense straight. Seems the two folks who, sorry.. the ONE folk who was left holding the bag (I'd take blame if it where not for my PC and lack of ample computer time) doing a pretty good job. Now it's back to keeping myself occupied rather than shitting away life in front of the TV.

And did you guies know the Recycling Truck shows up at least an hour before the Garbage Truck, which is funny because those two things don't even go down to the side of the road on the same day. So, yeah, that happened... stupid crap. I had all night and just told myself it'd be better if I waited until morning when no one was home. WHOOPS.

tl;dr New computer, and a bunch of random stupid shit.
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Dudel Untrusted
Lazy, Lazy, Day.
Such a Lazy, Lazy, Day.
Sleep in a Canoe.

The Leaves Have Gone Red.
There is Nothing Fun to Do.
On This Lazy Day.

Shall I Go To Sleep?
Shall I Act as if Depressed?
Fain Dramatics, Sigh.

Play this Video
Listen to the Music Play
You Just Got RickRoll'd.

Why a journal? Because I can't post links within dA submissions and without it the joke is lost.
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Some of you who might know me well may have heard a phrase along the lines of this: "I like to pretend I'm ____" or "I think I'm ____." In many cases the word clever goes into that one, but, really, all of everything goes into that and I don't mean it to be humble. What I mean is in jest of all those others who really do think they are that thing.

This is a little concept of mine that I would like to share with anyone who gives a crap, if you state you "are something" then you probably aren't. You might want to be. You might honestly think you are. You might even get a little recognition for being that thing. However, if you need to state it, if you need to inform other people of what you are then something is wrong. If you are that thing, then people will simply know and there isn't a need to say anything. People will automatically identify you with what you actually are, and you stating anything to confirm or deny doesn't say anything good.

What the need to tell other's says about you is that you are insecure. It says that you don't really even believe it, yourself, that you are that thing and have to say it aloud just to double check it isn't a dream. It implies that you look like something else, or don't want to be what you actually are so fight to be not-you. Fighting against an identity you've been given also doesn't do much as those who gave it to you wont take it back.

Now, the question becomes: Why is this important to deviantART? Well, a lot of people bluntly state what they are an artists or writer, or photo-manipulator, or that they work with clay.. etc etc etc. The thing is, that all we have to do is glance at at the "Newest Submissions" and dA ID to get a good idea of what you are. Telling us again, just in case we don't get it, doesn't really help you. And what it all says to me is: "I seek validation."

Just in case you really don't know me, I'ma tell you something to save us both time: "You wont get that validation from here."
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Dear (Fellow) Writers/Artists;

While I may write, and do so in a sorta-okay kind of manner, I am not here to try and get better or be published. I do not wish to have a book with my name on it. I don't want to have one of my stories piled into a compilation. I am not on dA to promote myself in any shape, form or fashion. That is not my style, by any means.

Now, I am sure you have a question in your head: "Why do I care about this?" Well, good sir or madam, if that is what you want (or what your group is aimed at) I want little to do with ya. If I notice that more than half of your group members are "aspiring published authors" I will bugger off and do something else. Yes, groups are nice. Yes, like-minded people are nice too. Problem? I am not like minded.

I do not treat this like a networking employment site the same way I also do not treat it like MySpace/Facebook. deviantART is a place for artists to group together and share/enjoy art, and not much else. If you want to be famous and/or "seen" then you should not be on dA. This is something fun. Art/writing/etc is something we are supposed to love, and be enjoyable experiences. Throwing work in the mix, is not fun.

Random PMs (dA's equal being "notes") annoy me. Community involvement is not something I typically get recruited for. I am not a nice person. If you ask my opinion on crappy art, I will tell you it is crappy. If I think you are an idiot, I will tell you. I do not like people who have idiotic and, in most cases of "wanna be published," absurdly asinine hopes/dreams. I live in the real world, where statistics rule and a flooded market means no one is going anywhere. Need I reiterate, I am not a nice person.

So, in conclusion, if I wonder into your group and check things that does not mean I will stay. Be thankful I cared enough to look inside and even comment.



P.S. Seriously, no random notes. It is my fault, though, for reaching out. I forget how desperate people are for friends.
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:iconteapot-shark: tagged me, but not really, for this very amusing journal entry type game-thing.

1. Choose one or a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!

OC'S BEING USED: Zeu "Peace Keeper" Lesedi, Mikial (The Thief) "Smith" & Eviscerating Disemboweler (Robotic version)

How old are you?
Zeu: "I do not count yearsss, if thisss isss your quesstion."
Mikial: "Twenty four."
Eviscerating: "Project Age: 3 Years, 62 Days, 9 hours, 7 minutes, 58 seconds."

What's your height?
Zeu: "Jusst my head to jussst my feet is an even sssix feet. My tail addsss an extra three for good measure."
Mikial: "According to my... poster, I am five feet and ten inches tall."
Eviscerating: "Known Project Height: Six Feet, Two Inches."

Do you have any bad habits?
Zeu: "That dependssss on who you assk. I think nothing I do asss bad."
Mikial: "I do have a bad... habit, or two."
Eviscerating: "Programed Habits, Listed "Bad." Directory Found: Zero in Memory."

Are you a virgin? If not, who'd you loose it to?
Zeu: "I never wasss one and who I took firssst was sssuch an innocssent thing. Ssso willing."
Mikial: "I've had my... encounters, and my first was a.... fun childhood acquaintance."
Eviscerating: "Program Line "Virgin" Translate: Reproduction. Project Eviscerating not programed for reproduction."

Who's your mate/spouse?
Zeu: "I have no sssuch thingsss."
Mikial: "My... work keeps me away from... trying, so there is no one."
Eviscerating: "Project Eviscerating not programed for reproduction. No mate registered in memory."

Do you have any kids?
Zeu: "If I do they will be killed mossst harssshly."
Mikial: "I might have.... some, but I would not know."
Eviscerating: "Project Eviscerating not programed for reproduction. No spawn registered in memory."

What's your favorite food?
Zeu: "Meat iss alwayssss my preferred food."
Mikial: "I eat what I... find and prefer what doesn't need.... preparing."
Eviscerating: "Fuel Intake, Classification Food: Raw Flesh. Consumption Regular. Retrieved from kills when possible."

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Zeu: "I do not eat ssssuch FILTH!"
Mikial: "That is something.... rare where I come from. I can not be.... picky."
Eviscerating: "Program Line "Ice Cream" Not Found. Clarification Needed."

Have you killed anyone?
Zeu: "But of courssse, it is only sssecond to sssex ass one of my mosssst favorite thingss."
Mikial: "I try and avoid.... conflict, but it has.... happened on occasion."
Eviscerating: "Confirmed. Project Eviscerating Main Program Function: Termination of Life. Successful Mission Targets: 145. Unconfirmed Targets: 62"

Do you hate anyone?
Zeu: "Humanssss pisss me off, the ressst only annoy a little."
Mikial: "I do not offer.... hate, but guards can be.... irritating, at times."
Eviscerating: "Emotions not compatible with current programing. Program Line "Hate" Translation: Target. Current Targets: None."

Have any secrets?
Zeu: "If I don't want sssomeone knowing sssomething, I take their earss."
Mikial: "I am in the.... business of secrets."
Eviscerating: "Authorization Level "Secrets" Military Class. Further attempts at retrieval will result in termination."

Do you love anyone?
Zeu: "Mysself. Though there wass one who ssparked my fancssy I oncsse tried to keep."
Mikial: "I have held.... passions, but never... love."
Eviscerating: "Emotions not compatible with current programing. No further information available."

What is your job?
Zeu: "Bounty hunter."
Mikial: "I am a.... locksmith."
Eviscerating: "Project Eviscerating Main Program Function: Termination of Life."

Boy or girl?
Zeu: "Male, you fool!"
Mikial: "I am no... boy by any standards of... culture, but you mean my gender. I am male."
Eviscerating: "Known Gender: Male. Physical Gender: Unidentified."

What do you do to relax?
Zue: "I fuck, or I fight."
Mikial: "I simply stop.... working."
Eviscerating: "Program Line "Relax" Translate: Sleep. Sleep and Battery Charge Obtained in Docking Ports 1-5."

What's the weirdest thing that happened to you?
Zeu: "Weirdessst thing to happen? Having my behaviorsss approved by the government insstead of being exssecuted. Bessst thing to happen, asss well."
Mikial: "Finding the Magical Amulet of Transportation was... weird, you could say."
Eviscerating: "Program Line "Weird" Not Found. Clarification Needed."

Have you kissed anyone?
Zeu: "With sssex comes kissing, though my nose preventsss what mosst humansss think to be kisssing."
Mikial: "Both in honor and in... pleasure."
Eviscerating: "Program Line "Kissed" Not Found. Clarification Needed."

Favorite genre of music?
Zeu: "I like anything with a ssshock to it, or that I can ssset to the sssound of my lightning blasst weaponry. Government isssued."
Mikial: "I believe you would call it.... folk."
Eviscerating: "Program Line Beta Test Executed: Metal. Ha-ha-ha. Program Line End. See Lead Programmer for Information."

Ever went on a date?
Zeu: "I do not date!"
Mikial: "In every town I do... try."
Eviscerating: "Fuel Intake, Classification Food: Raw Flesh. Dates not Compatible with System."

Where do you live?
Zeu: "I live where I choosse to throw othersss out, and my basse iss kept sssecret."
Mikial: "The road is where I.... live. Due to my... job I must stay moving. But the desert is my.... home."
Eviscerating: "Docking Port 1: Location Withheld. Docking Port 2: Current Location. Docking Port 3: Base 52. Docking Port 4: Moon Station Port 2. Docking Port 5: Location Withheld."

What are you?
Zeu: "I am Lesssedi! Ignorant humansss call me a lizssard. They alssso die quickly when I sssnap their necksss!"
Mikial: "Are you asking my.... species? Human."
Eviscerating: "Project Eviscerating Status: Mach 1 Super Soldier Class III. Experimental."

I Tag: Anyone who finds this as amusing as I did!
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I hate people, man, I really do. You try to help. You try to do something you think is gonna be good. You hold you tongue (well the best as you can being raised to kind of not do that) and you poke at the hivemind softly to make sure none of the bees will get you.

Then, you say something and bees turn to wasps!




Cover the ducks.

Threads about ducks.

Who's got the duck?

People, man!

Ya know, this is probably my OWN fault for only doing it to stop certain other people from taking shit and running amuck.

These annoying little shits are suddenly 10x more annoying when you can do something about it but know if you DO it'll bite you in the ass.
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Nothing here but games to talk about, today. Haven't done much with writing in a few weeks, don't care that much about mucking around with other stuff... and while I'm excited about certain events I'm still weary due to personal issues with trust etc.

But, let us go onto games.

Itemized List

1) Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone
2) Capcom Classics Collection (Xbox)
3) Phantom Crash
4) ShellShock Live

Item One: Yggdra Union - We'll Never Fight Alone  is a unique strategy RPG for the GBA. If you have a GBA and can find it (rarity is rather higher) you should pick it up and play. If you are like me and don't mind emulating, here you go. The game is great, it's addicting, not too difficult and has a rather engaging story considering what it is (which is a standard JRPG).

Item Two: I forgot to add my Capcom Classics Collection for Xbox to my Backloggery (well chose to ignore it) and when I did add the thing, that was 50 something games tossed up there. As said in previous journal entry, I denulled everything so now I'm trying to knock a lot of those unfinished games out. Some of the harder ones on that disk (Ghost n' Goblins) might take a bit... though I did finish more than half of the games on the disk (at least the ones that had an ending of some sort).

Think I might roll with a Ghost n' Goblins Marathon or something one day, and just knock out the other 2 or 3 that way. Or do a marathon just for that game disk on the games I have left... some of those games don't really set well on the difficulty curve, some of them just ain't all that fun, some of them are just freaking brutal in all regard.

Item Three: I've been debating going for my completion of Phantom Crash. It seems I'm the only person in all of the planet who has played this game, sometimes, and it almost makes me want to be one of those people who can make it easier for others to get into by having end game knowledge (metagaming) and passing it on. Might be extra helpful for the Backloggery Wiki but I'm not gonna say to much on the Wiki subject.

It's a great game with not-horrible completion stats. Just a matter of getting proper mech units set up and killing the right people. Or I'll start it over and run a different mech through the game this time. Medium builds are best for me and I beat the game rather quickly after knowing some stuff from my first play through (had to start over as with many games on my Xbox).

Item Four: Well I suppose this one is an amusement Solve Unamusement, style. It's an online flash game similar to worms that allows you to slowly level up and learn power ups the more you play. Winning and losing becomes irrelevant and it's more about having fun. It's really great when you get people who are cool in the same game, just there to play Tanks... that or people are deathly quiet.

Check that out here!

Add me on Kongregate, or something, if you wanna play. I don't really intend to do much more than hop around it at random times of boredom but it's a great Worms-clone with online capability.... should that be your thing.
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What we are gonna talk about today is some Backloggery, some new games, some stories written, some excitement brewing and some other stuff that I either forgot or don't care enough to bother with.

The Backloggery

Few days ago I denulled almost every nulled game in my Backloggery and it turns out I had (at the time) 32 Unfinished games. THAT'S HORRIBLE! I'm a bad person for killing that money and not getting my value from it.

Though I made this worse by spending Christmas money on more games.

1) River King - A wonderful Journey (Cute Fishing Simulator?*)
2) Alien Hominid (Side Scrolling Action Shooter)
3) Arc The Lad - Twilight of the Spirits (JRPG)
4) FlatOut (Action Racing)
5) Smuggler's Run (Free Racing)
6) GoDai: Elemental Force (Waxing Action Action)
7) ChoroQ (Cute Racing)
8) The Mark of Kri (Action Adventure)
9) Medal of Honor Frontline (WWII Shooter)
10) Echo Night: Beyond (Survival Horror Adventure)

I've tested them all up to the point where the player gets control. I'm most interested, right now, in Alien Hominid and FlatOut as they seem the most action oriented... though I'm mainly playing Final Fantasy XII. That game, FFXII, has to be the first Final Fantasy game I'm not only liking BUT LOVING. The others are just kind of okay, this one is pure greatness... well, minus the whole "Vaan needs a shirt" thing. That guy really needs a shirt, his ribs are all concave and creepy! O.O

Alien Hominid and FlatOut are CRAZY!

Oh, and let me explain that description for River King.

*Cute Fishing Simulator - Think of it as Harvest Moon except where you only go fishing. Harvest Moon would be "Cute Farming Simulator" and I do have Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvestmoon which I need to restart. (And I still want Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [Special Edition] for my PS2)

After adding those ten and beating a couple already on my list, I'm at 39 Unfinished games. I intend to knock most, if not all, of those out before the year ends. (I could actually get it down to 20/15 in a few months.) I needa make a new Backloggery theme, as well. I'm thinking Filbert Turtle!

Dudel on Backloggery:


Not really watching any. Um... I don't want to poke at Gilgamesh and after that let down I'm not really sure I care. That, and I wanna decrease all those games on my Backloggery. Been watching a few movies, here and there, but nothing really pops out at me. I did recently see War and the ending threw me, so that's something. Movies can't usually do that, especially action-explosion types.

Writing and Such

I've gotten back into writing and such! Doppelganger is still an ugly piece of crap, though I like some parts and may salvage those for something... but the main point is I've gotten my voice back! Stupid NaNo, killing my writing ability and such, damn them!

Made a new da ID, too! It is very Dudel-Friendly. Technically I'm not 24 until the 27th of this month, BUT, whatever.

"Dudel-Bop Rok-Soc"

Excitement Brewing

So close to going to visit someone I really wanna visit! :iconsunnidaez:

Trying to not get too excited, cause shit happens and nothing works out the way we always plan, but it is very difficult not to get a little anxious about things. This would be try number four, I think, and it is becoming just a little disappointing that we can not meet in person. :(

Oh, and I'm hungry. I think I shall have a PB&J or three, that would be good.
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